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Sophia Yin MS, DVM
This segment is excerpted from material published in “Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats” by Sophia Yin, DVM MS, with permission of the author.  The book can be purchased at this link.

This Rotweiler, Mischa, has a history of growling, struggling and needing to be muzzled at the veterinary hospital. She is also fearful of people who suddenly approach to pet her. And she startles at sudden sounds.

Most dogs who are fearful at the veterinary hospital show signs in their daily lives of being afraid of unfamiliar people, dogs or environments. Continuing to provide them with bad experiences will only stregthen their perceptions that people and strange environments are dangerous.

In this case we can help by having the veterinarian give treats to begin to countercondition Mischa to the anxiety-producing environment.  You can see, however, that she is still unruly and hard to handle.  Fitting her with a  Gentle Leader gives the handler an added measure of control and safety.