Peter Neville
DHc, BSc(Hons), CABP


Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (UK)
Rosshire, Scotland, CO

Peter lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK (very near Stonehenge) and has been in practice for the treatment of behavioural problems in pets for nearly twenty years. Peter established the behaviour referral clinic at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Bristol in 1990 and has been a Visiting Scholar at Ohio State University, USA since 2002.

Peter is a Co-Director of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE), an educational body offering a range of independently accredited courses in animal behaviour from foundation to Diploma level in the UK (see

Peter is the European licensee for the Gentle Leader Headcollar and companion animal behaviour consultant to Nestlé Purina Pet Care in the UK. He is the author of the internationally best-selling books: 'Do Cats Need Shrinks?' and 'Do Dogs Need Shrinks?' and of many other books, videos and scientific papers on feline and canine behaviour, and a regular contributor to leading UK pet and veterinary publications, Dogs Today, Your Cat and Veterinary Times. Peter is also speaker in high demand at veterinary and behaviour meetings around the world. He also leads 'behind the scenes' safaris, in association with various biologists and vets in the field, to observe the behaviour and study the ecology of species such as the African Wild Dog and Cheetah in South Africa, and the Wolf in Europe and the USA. (see